Nothing to do until April

Here it is, the beginning of 2012 and I’m raring to go on my Bucket List. I got out my calendar and a pen – not even a pencil – and started mapping out my year.  I quickly discovered the challenge of scheduling a Wisconsin Bucket List. Of my ten things to do/see, I can’t do/see any of them until mid-April.

Four of my list items are tied to events and two of them involve camping, so those only fit in a 5-month span. I figured I could knock out some of the indoor destinations early, like the House on the Rock. While HOTR is open in January and February, the hours and tours are abbreviated – the attraction is open only Friday, Saturday and Sunday and just a third of the exhibits are on view, says Matt Schneider, HOTR group sales and marketing manager. The regular season starts March 16 and since that time falls during our production cycle for the May/June issue, I settled on April, when the place is open Monday and Thursday through Sunday. Seems HOTR is on many Wisconsin Bucket Lists; according to Matt, attendance is generally around 450,000.

I found it was tough to just pick a date for a Packers game. I did not even consider 2012 post-season games, but decided to go straight for the regular season. As of today, though, while the 2012-13 Packers foes are known, the dates haven’t been set yet, so I’ll have to wait and pick a home game. I’ve asked a couple of friends – both Milwaukee season ticket holders – about tickets; each has been elusive. Are they waiting for a better companion to come along?  I wonder. And wait. For those of you who aren’t season ticket holders, where do you go for tickets?

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2 Responses to Nothing to do until April

  1. Kyle says:


    I’m not a season ticket holder, but as a resident of Brown County, am eligible for tickets that the Packers sell to county residents on a lottery basis. My son, wife, parents, and various nephews also get these tickets so I always have plenty of chances to go to games without paying ticket broker prices. If you can contact me in late summer, I can likely find a pair for you.

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