Postponed plunge

We’re only five days into 2012, and I’ve already dropped the ball on one of my bucket list items.

In my defense, it’s probably more accurate to say I’m holding on to the ball a little longer. One item on my list – Milwaukee’s Polar Plunge – occurred on New Year’s Day. Where was I? Recovering – er, I mean resting, at home from the activities of the night before. Most of my friends were in equally as restful states and couldn’t be convinced to join me. Jumping into freezing Lake Michigan is daunting enough. Doing it alone? No, thank you.

So I decided to postpone my plunge until March 1, when another jump is hosted to benefit the Special Olympics. I’ve talked a few friends into doing with me, and it gives me a little more time to mentally (and physically) prepare. And it will be nice to have a purpose for jumping other than just being able to say I did it.

While I didn’t make the January 1 plunge, hundreds of hardy souls did. Below is a picture from the event. Looking at that girl’s face, I’m starting to wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

Milwaukee Polar Plunge

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/Mike De Sisti

Check out a story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the plunge and see more photos and a video from the chilly event.

Did you plunge this year? Any tips for what I should wear to March’s jump? I’m thinking a costume is in order.

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One Response to Postponed plunge

  1. MaryBeth Matthias says:

    You can come to Bayfield the first weekend in March and jump into a bigger lake. We love it up here.MaryBeth

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