A Beautiful Day in Cedarburg

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For the last year, my roommate’s been telling me how cute Cedarburg is and how badly she wanted me to visit the small town only half an hour north of Milwaukee. Well, it’s been feeling like spring in Milwaukee lately and  I finally had a little free time, so my boyfriend and I decided to drive up and walk along the shops on Washington Avenue in Cedarburg’s historic area.

The area is absolutely adorable, full of boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, holidays decoration suppliers, and shops full of gifts and locally made products. We spent the first hour of our outing sipping coffee and tea in Fiddleheads Espresso Bar & Café, one of three family-owned cafes in Ozaukee County. Even though some of the shops were closed on Sunday, we were still able to stroll through a number of them — perusing through gifts and local products at shops like Lilies and Weeds.

I’m glad I visited Cedarburg and I’m sure I’ll go back again to see what else I can find. It’s only about a week into the new year and I can already give the first item on my bucket list a big check. What’s next?

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