Thinking warm thoughts

Today is one of those days that I seriously question why I live in Wisconsin. The temperature isn’t expected to break into double digits, with wind chills below zero. Frozen snow and ice make for a precarious tightrope walk on sidewalks and parking lots. And my normally maroon car has turned a lovely shade of grimy gray. Days like today really make me wonder why anyone would want to live here. Heck, what kind of crazy person settled here in the first place?

To talk myself off the ledge, I did what any sensible Wisconsinite would do: I started researching warm vacation spots. Specifically, I started planning my Apostle Islands trip.

Kayaking the Apostle Islands

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/Tom Lynn

I’ve never been to Bayfield or the Apostle Islands, but it’s undoubtedly one of Wisconsin’s greatest natural treasures; thus, why it is on my bucket list. My rough plan is to spend one night in Bayfield, then three days and two nights kayaking between and camping on the islands. And even though I’m not planning on going until August, it’s scenes like the one above that are getting me through cold Wisconsin winter days like today.

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One Response to Thinking warm thoughts

  1. Eric Murtaugh says:

    My wife and I are considering a move to Madison from Carlsbad, California. This post definitely does not support that cause.

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