One off the bucket, one in the bucket

It’s 5 p.m. and I’m full. Thanksgiving full. I’m a three squares a day kinda guy.  Didn’t have lunch today and I should be eating dinner in about an hour but I’m having serious doubts  This gastronomic disruption is all on Chris Schwartz, owner and cook at Franks Diner in Kenosha. She overserved me at breakfast this morning, and I did not go gently into that good bite. Veni, vidi, I ate. Then I ate some more. In my well-traveled and diner-savvy opinion, Frank’s has the best breakfast in Wisconsin, bar none. Great coffee, too. I first met Chris and her staff at Franks Diner back in 2010 when we did a piece in the magazine called “Diners & Dives.”  I’ve always wanted to go back, so when we put together our Wisconsin Bucket List, I put Franks on mine. Go ye forth to Kenosha, and “Eat the Diner Way!”

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2 Responses to One off the bucket, one in the bucket

  1. Michelle says:

    I think this place is now on my bucket list too. Thanks Jerry!

  2. Viviane says:

    The only ones I could find are closer to Madison. If they do diedce to move the wedding more in this direction, there are several barns that host events. Whenever I’m driving toward Kenosha (on I94 from Milw.) I notice this place on the ride hand side of the interstate. I can’t remember the name but I thought it had something to do with apples. I also thought it had a restaurant. It seemed to be more of a rustic place, so perhaps you can try to find out what this place is? Although, it’s been several years since I’ve driven that way, so maybe it’s not there anymore.Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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