Trail tips for snowshoeing at Wyalusing

My first bucket list item is fast approaching: snowshoeing at Wyalusing State Park. We did an article on various snowshoe trails around the state in our November/December 2010 issue, so I knew Wyalusing had a great trail for it – the Sugar Maple Nature Trail. Beyond that, I hadn’t yet looked into other trails in the park. Lucky for me, last week I got an email from Bev Pozega, the visitor service associate at Wyalusing, who provided some great tips on other trails in the park. Bev has been at Wyalusing for more than 25 years, so she clearly knows her stuff. Here are some of her suggestions:

“You could snowshoe the Sand Cave Trail, which also has two washed out areas of rock (Big Sand Cave and Little Sand Cave) with frozen waterfalls. Or if you are a beginner at snowshoeing, I would possibly suggest snowshoeing to Point Lookout from where you can see the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers 500 feet below. You could then continue on Sentinel Ridge Trail which includes a procession of Indian Mounds and also historical nature labels. The trail makes a loop just past the Indian Mounds so that you can return to your starting point and not worry about snowshoeing down the remainder of the trail which is a 500 foot drop to the boat landing and then back up to where your vehicle is parked. The unplowed roadway in the Wisconsin Ridge Campground would also be an excellent snowshoeing choice. That campground is located 500 feet above the Wisconsin River and the scenery is spectacular. You never know – you might be eye to eye with a bald eagle.”

Some great tips. Have you been to Wyalusing? Which trails would you recommend?

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