Brewery Tour and Friday Night Fish Fry

This Saturday, I said I’d be taking the Lakefront Brewery tour. It turns out I’m going on Friday instead. How can you enjoy some delicious Milwaukee beer without a Friday Fish Fry? 🙂 Several people have raved to me about the Lakefront Brewery fish fry, along with the brewery tour. Well, I’m excited to finally go and hope it lives up to its reputation.

I’ve probably been on three or four brewery tours in the past, but this is the first tour for which I’m actually old enough to drink. Drinking homemade root beer or cream soda can be fun at the end of a brewery tour, but I feel like you don’t get the full experience until you can try out four 6 oz. pours of beer and take a souvenir pint glass home.

You’re welcome to join me and my friends at the Lakefront Brewery and Lakefront Palm Garden this weekend for some beer and fried fish! Tschüss!

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