Manitowoc’s draw

Sputnikfest is not until September, but Chicago resident – and frequent Manitowoc visitor – and Wisconsin Trails reader Dave Albert sent in some great tips to turn my fest-quest into a weekend-long adventure.

Here’s what Dave has to say:
1. The actual piece of Sputnik is at the Rahr-West Art Museum. {I’m there. I once drove 200 miles out of my way to see the alien exhibit in Roswell, New Mexico.} Be sure to check out the Victorian house which is attached to the museum, it has absolutely gorgeous woodwork in the main hall and the staircase to the 2nd floor. (Free admission too! Donations appreciated.) {I will also check that out. I’ve mentioned my love of historic homes – the reason why Ten Chimneys is on my Bucket List. There are 40 historic home-museums in Wisconsin. That should be my Bucket List for 2013.}

2. Chicago has a very famous Lincoln Park Zoo, but Manitowoc has a tiny but nice Lincoln Park Zoo too. You can see all the exhibits in less than an hour, nice education center with small animal exhibits and aquariums. (Free admission, donation suggested.)

3. Visiting a neighborhood bakery is a forgotten indulgence. I love Hartman’s bakery on 11th street. Delicious sweetrolls (I especially love the frosted long johns) and cookies, and the prices can’t be beat (but this may be the Chicagoan in me talking), you can easily get a dozen great sweetrolls for way under $10. {That is a great tip, Dave. Milwaukee has really superb neighborhood bakeries, including Peter Sciortino’s on Brady Street, Grebe’s Bakery on Lincoln [do not go there the morning of any Packers game] and the Lopez Bakery on Mitchell Street.}

4. Cedar Crest ice cream has a plant in Manitowoc that has a small ice cream parlor attached to it (look for a giant Guernsey cow on the street). Great, fresh ice cream, unique flavors, and you can get two giant scoops for less than $3.00! (I don’t want to give the impression I’m a cheapskate, but in Chicago you pay $3.00 for one small scoop of mediocre ice cream). Even better, just two streets from the ice cream parlor is Red Arrow park, right on Lake Michigan, where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream and maybe watch the Badger ferry come in and out of port.

There’s also the Wisconsin Maritime Museum or the 5.5-mile Mariners Trail right on Lake Michigan between Manitowoc and Two Rivers (great for walking off all that ice cream and sweetrolls). And no, I don’t work for the Manitowoc Chamber of Commerce. I’m sure you will have a good time there during Sputnikfest.

Thanks for all the tips, Dave. We appreciate the help planning our trips.

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2 Responses to Manitowoc’s draw

  1. Peter Lorin says:

    Some great ideas there for the Manitowoc area!

    However, I would also add a couple of other ideas as well:

    1. The lovely sand dunes on the Lake Michigan shore in the northern part of Two Rivers, Manitowoc´s smaller, but very charming “twin town” a few miles to the north along State 42.

    2. On the way there I would highly recommend stopping for a great lunch or perhaps dinner at a very pleasant restaurant (whose name temporarily escapes me…) just south of Two Rivers along State 42. This place has got the most amazing, sweeping panorama views across Lake Michigan from the restaurant area. If one is really lucky (and the weather is fine) it´s also possible to spot the S/S Badger making its way across Lake Michigan between Manitowoc and Ludington,Michigan.
    A great sight!

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks, Pete.
    The restaurant with views of Lake Michigan… is this the place?

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