Lakefront Brewery Tour

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What a great night. Of the brewery tours I’ve been on, this Lakefront tour tied with the Guinness Storehouse tour in Dublin as my favorites. Two factors made this tour so great: (1) The fact that you get to drink beer before and during the tour, rather than after it; and (2) Our tour guide, Jason, was very well-spoken, animated and funny.

Of the beers offered on tap to taste test, I had two 6 oz. cups of Lakefront’s seasonal Big Easy, one cup of the Wheat Monkey ale and one cup of the Riverwest Stein amber lager. My favorite was probably the Riverwest Stein.

Overall, the tour was fun and interesting. We didn’t stay for the fish fry because there was a 45-minute wait, but we ended up getting some fried fish anyways at the Water Street Brewery. I’ll have to try it next time.

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