Snow go

I had scheduled my first bucket list adventure – snowshoeing at Wyalusing – for this weekend, thinking for sure by mid-February there would be plenty of snow on the ground for it.

I should have known the only predictable thing about Wisconsin weather is that it’s unpredictable.

I did wake up to a steady stream of flakes here in southeastern Wisconsin today, but it looks like we won’t get more than an inch or two, and Wyalusing out near Prairie du Chien isn’t getting much, either. As of a couple of weeks ago they had 6 inches of snow, but that’s almost completely gone in most areas, meaning I’ll have to postpone my snowshoeing trip for now, or pick somewhere farther north that has good snow cover. Bummer.

As I was preparing for my trip, however, I stumbled across this article and a few videos from R.E.I about snowshoeing. For a beginner like me, it was a nice basic introduction to the sport.

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