Newport or bust

My trip to Newport in July is officially on.

And by Newport, I of course mean Newport State Park in Door County. More natural beauty there than its California cousin, and a heckuva lot cheaper.

Newport State Park

I put Newport on my bucket list because I wanted to get my feet wet backpacking on my own. I’ve camped plenty in my life, and I’ve been on guided treks, but I have yet to experience a true overnight backpacking trip. Newport, Wisconsin’s only formally designated wilderness park, is a little slice of tranquility on the bustling, tourist-trodden peninsula – the perfect place for a quiet weekend away, and since it isn’t too far from civilization, it’s the perfect place to try out backpacking.

All campsites are walk-in only, with the farthest site only about a 2.5-mile hike from the parking lot. I reserved a site right on the shore, about 1.6 miles from the nearest lot. Should be an easy hike in (I hope).

Now that it’s officially reserved, I need to figure out what gear I’m missing. I have almost everything you would need for a basic camping trip, but obviously I’m going to need smaller versions of some of it. A twin air mattress probably isn’t the most efficient use of space in my pack; I’ll definitely have to pick up a small sleeping pad. Any recommendations for a quality, relatively inexpensive one? Any other gear I should be sure to bring?

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