It’s gear time

It’s about that time of year again – the weather is warming, grass is greening, and my trigger finger is poised above my mouse on the REI and Amazon websites. Yep, I’ve got spring gear fever. And with our bucket list project this year, it’s even worse.

My biggest gear-guzzling trips will probably be camping at Newport, biking the Elroy–Sparta Trail and kayaking the Apostle Islands. I’m going to rent most of my gear for the latter in Bayfield, so that leaves my biking and backpacking trips to buy for. As I said last week, I for sure will need a sleeping pad, and I’m also thinking about getting a small camping stove for coffee, oatmeal, soup and other quick meals. I want a lightweight, yet comfortable sleeping pad, so I’m leaning toward this one from Pacific Outdoor Equipment. For a stove, this MSR Pocket Rocket is at the top of my list. It’s gotten some good reviews, and it seems like good quality for the price.

What’s your one gear must-have this year?

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One Response to It’s gear time

  1. I want one of those nice heavy duty cots 🙂 They are pretty affordable these days, but only useful for base camping. For lightweight camping, I like to carry my Hennessy Hammock. Perfect for drippy days. 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me I need a bucket list!

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