Gearing up, geeking up

Kinda funny that Chelsey is also thinking about gear.  From where I sit, atop the heap of GearGeekdom, she is showing a remarkable amount of restraint.  For those who are wired like me, who already have more outdoor gear than they can actually use, this time of year poses a significant domestic challenge.  The challenge goes like this: Me: ” Packs are 20 % off at REI this weekend! ” Wifey: ” You already have three packs. What do you need another for?” Me: ” I need a bigger one.”  Wifey: ” Why?”   Me:  ” Well, not so much a bigger one, but one with a separate sleeping bag compartment.”  Wifey:  ” Why do you need that? ”  Me:  ” So I can stay more organized.”  Wifey:  ” You mean organized like how I asked you to organize the basement?”  I lose almost all of these discussions.  But between the ones she lets me win and the pre-Wifey gear that I’ve had since Boy Scouts ( think Watergate era ) I have more gear than I need.  Doesn’t stop me from pouring over the catalogs that come in the mail or checking out all the specs that are online.  ” Stove X boils a gallon of water in under a minute!!!” ” Tent Y has an external mosquito and bear repelling coating!”  I believe it all, and I want to try it all.  I’ll get almost nothing, because as I said, I have pretty much all I need.  But I snuck in a bucket list item to go camping with my grandsons.  Being 10 and 5 they don’t have much in the way of gear.  Which means they need a lot and I need to help them with their decisions…and they are the only two of my gender that my wife hasn’t figured out how to say no to.

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