String Bean Arms

Yup, I said it. I’ve been told I have string bean arms. Little muscles don’t keep me from rock climbing, though!

My husband and I took a Learn to climb lesson at Turner Hall in Milwaukee. We learned how to get setup, tie the knots, belaying and some climbing techniques. We’ve been back a few times and it really feels like we know what we’re doing now. Each time we go, there’s one route in particular that I try to conquer. There’s a ledge that I can make it to pretty quickly, but from there it gets challenging. It doesn’t look like much from on the ground, but when you’re up there it feels like you’re almost hanging upside down and it’s hard to see the top. I need to get over the fear of falling and just go for it. If my hand slips, the rope will stop me and everything will be just fine. Each time I go, I get a little bit further and my arms get a little bit stronger!

Although climbing isn’t on my bucket list, I’m determined to work an outdoor climb into one of my trips. All you rock climbers out there need to let me know where you like to go climbing in Wisconsin.

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One Response to String Bean Arms

  1. Tim Wise says:

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    If you do not know crappie is a fish

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