Chocolate craving cure

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Burlinton’s ChocolateFest is a great little hometown festival in Wisconsin – similar to Wisconsin’s many other summer festivals, with music, entertainment, carnival games, rides and an assortment of fried foods. The chocolate, however, kicks this one up a notch.

The main attraction here is the 12,000-square-foot Experience Chocolate tent, featuring dozens of vendors and numerous chocolate-themed events such as cooking demos, chocolate pudding finger painting and the Chocolate Olympics. Then there’s Project Yum way, in which teams created pret-a-porter fashions made out of candy wrappers. Visitors can buy a Taster’s Ticket for $6 then get a sample from 10 participating vendors. All proceeds to to area charities and samples range from cake pops to truffles to homemade fudge.

Kids will enjoy Granpa Cratchet and roving carnival acts like jugglers and unicyclists. My 2-year-old most enjoyed the carnival rides and the animals in the petting barn next to the carnival.

All in all, a few hours’ worth of great fun on Memorial Day Weekend.

Have you been to ChocolateFest? What did you think of it?

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