Your Bucket List

What’s on your Wisconsin bucket list? Share your must-dos with us below.

12 Responses to Your Bucket List

  1. Rick Loeffler says:

    Go to Shawano to watch the sturgeon spawning run in the spring (late April – early May). Thousands of lake sturgeon spawning in the shallows and WDNR actively catch (with nets) and tag fish. There are WEB cameras now installed above and below water, and a person can monitor when fish are accumulated in large numbers before actually traveling to Shawano. It’s a great opportunity to get up close to an ancient (and quite large) species.

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks for the tip, Rick. The webcam is really cool:

  3. Caitlin says:

    My list is in my head (haha)
    But after reading the list on here there are a lot of corresponding things! Like the Elroy-Sparta Trail, and Apostle Islands. I also want to visit Door County, tour Sprecher, and find an antler shed hunting 🙂
    Oh! And I want to go to Aztalan too 🙂

    In addition, I plan to camp in most of the cool state parks.

    By the way, this isn’t so much of a bucket list as a…Do before I get married and have kids list. xD

    Items on my list that are crossed out:
    Kayak the Mississippi
    House on the Rock (And I’m never going back) haha
    Camp Wyalusing State Park (So far, my favorite)
    See Lambeau

    • mjeanh says:

      You kayaked the Mighty river? What point did you put in? I am planning on that myself, I just dont know where to start off. Got any tips for me? I love Wyalusing also, been there many times. Just never got to kayak yet on the river.

  4. Kristen says:

    Caitlin – my list is usually in my head, too… that’s why my list keeps growing. Amazing how you become accountable just by writing it down. Get married, have kids, make a new list!

  5. Caitlin says:

    Haha! I have a feeling once I have kids my list will be more like..
    Noah’s Ark
    Six Flags

    • mjeanh says:

      you got that so right! My kids are all grown now and it is back to my before kids to do list again, yay!

    • Dawn Pfaff says:

      I have a 9 year old and we make a bucket list together. Last year we packed the truck for a week and camped at state parks and saw all the biggest things in Wisconsin (Madeline Island, Manitou Falls, the Mississippi and the Wisconsin, Lake Superior, Lake Winnebago, The biggest musky, Devils Lake State Park, Natural Bridge State Park, Timms Hill…). We put 1500 miles on the truck. This year we hope to do the eastern part of the state including the Porcupine Mountains in the UP. Life changes with a husband and kids but it can be even better, you just need to instill your adventurous spirit in them!

  6. My husband and I want to go to the Tap Room at Central Waters Brewing in Amherst. It’s only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

  7. linda galt says:

    I have two kids and every summer we travel around wisconsin (winters are to warmer destinations). I’m looking at this site because my 5 year old (girl) is interested in sturgeon. we don’t fish or hunt, but she wants to learn about everything. she found out about the sturgeon spawning and asked me to find pictures, video, and info so we can go watch it. my point is, traveling with kids doesn’t limit what you do. they crave information, so drag them everywhere! when they were 2 and 4 we toured a cranberry bog. they loved it! they want to touch, taste, and play. I can’t imagine traveling without them anymore.

  8. steve w. says:

    I started striking things off the bucket list with a skydiving jump on Memorial Day at Midwest Skydiving in Sturtevant. OMG – It was amazing. Check out pics on my Facebook page.

  9. Alan Nugent says:

    Hello, we have chatted before – and you know I was dissapointed that the Lake Pepin area, in fact the whole west central part of the state was left off most everyones bucket lists. Just thought you might want to know that Huffington Post recently declared the Wisconsin Great River Road the winner of a a competition to determine the “prettiest drive in America.” So there we have it. Prettiest Drive in America – right here in Wisconsin! Hope that will convince every one to expand their bucket list. The West Coast of Wisconsin is a pretty amazing place, would hate for you to miss it.
    see this ( ) for a great article on the Stockholm/Lake Pepin Area/Great River Road area and its win in the big competition.

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